Are you looking to take your health to the next level?
Or have you tried everything and now don’t know where to turn to improve your health?

Let me introduce you to the worlds most advanced health platform.

The scientific platform that I use calculates health advice for your exact individual needs. Personalised health means you will become aware of things such as:

The platform has over 10,000 measures engaged within the program with 500 different algorithms. The platform uses studies and research from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anthropometry, Embryology, Chronobiology, Endocrinology, Neuropsychology, Molecular Biology and lots of up to date research from the field of epigenetics.

So you only need to book an appointment with one person, not several different practitioners.

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Take your measurements and medical/family history

Input information into Science Platform

Personalised plan just for you based on your goals, lifestyle, environment and genetic factors

Ongoing coaching and support to help you on health journey

Personalised Packages

The online platform helps you understand your genetic information. We are born with a set of genes but what we need to realise is that the genes we are born with do not have to be our health story for our life. Whatever age you are, your genes are your genes.

However 95% of your health is determined by what your environment does to your genes, NOT YOUR GENES (Dr Bruce Lipton)

(Dr Bruce Lipton)

Your Personalised Plan is based on your Biotype

Your personalised plan is based on your biotype (a body profile) and will be completely unique to you-because there is only one you!

Your Plan will focus on 6 main areas:







Your Personalised Plan is This scientific platform is the way forward for the future because it teaches you how to reach and sustain optimum health. And who wouldn’t want that?

Who is Genetic Health Coaching for?

This coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve their optimal health and happiness.

If you’re confused with diets, food and exercise and can’t seem to shift the weight, or have more energy, it could be because you are following a plan that’s not right for your body type.

Working with me, using this platform, will allow us to develop a plan that is right for your body type.

This is not a diet. This is a way of life.

This will see you making changes that can be adapted for the rest of your life so that you can achieve optimal health and happiness. As your environment changes (such as where you live), your profile can be updated to reflect these changes, giving you a new unique set of results to work with. As you change, your outputs in your personalised health app changes so you are always getting the most up to date advice based on your current set of circumstances.

Are you ready to make changes for a healthier you?


*Motivator and Premium packages include:

Are you ready to make changes for a healthier you?


Introductory/1 Session

Investment: $250 (or two monthly payments of $150)

*A great introduction into genetic health coaching and personalised health*


3 Sessions

Investment: $547

*This is the most popular package*



10 Sessions (Est. 3 months)

Investment: $1297

*Perfect to ensure that you are staying on track to meet your goals*


Please contact me to discuss packages for couples, sports clubs and corporates.

This platform is only suitable for 18 years and older as it requires body measurements for assessments which are relevant once a person has stopped growing. If you would like to discuss anything in relation to your children (under 18) then please contact me to see if I can assist

Please note:

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