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I run a heart centered business



I want to do an important post today to highlight something really integral about my business.

My business comes from the heart.

herat from red pungent paprika

I do what I do because I love to see the positive change in people.

There is nothing better than getting an e-mail from a client that says, ‘I made some of the changes that we discussed and now my energy levels are improving, I don’t feel so emotional, I can cope with stress and anxiety better and more!  This to me is priceless. I want to empower people to be their healthiest, happiest self.

I am authentic and genuine and these are my core values.

“I will never promote anything that does not align with my ethics and values or that I don’t use and love.”

As a health business owner, I only ever promote brands that:

  1. Align with my ethics and values.
  2. I use and love.

This is why I promote Kangen water! This has been one of the best health investments I’ve ever made and so I became a distributor and make commission when someone buys a machine.

However there are plenty of products and companies out there that I give shout outs to on social media or in my newsletter that I don’t have an affiliate link for or get kickbacks from promoting. I promote them because I love them-their ethics, vales, product, service, staff.

I use them and love them! 

I am not sponsored by any brands or companies, but if this happen I will a) make this very clear to my audience and b) only ever promote brands and products that I love, trust and believe in.

Products must be toxic chemical free (because remember you can’t actually be chemical free in this world), organic, grass-fed etc. and the company must have integrity and be socially responsible. If the company and product doesn’t fit this, I’m not interested.

I walk my talk.

I am genuine and authentic

I urge you to be the same. Be the person you see showing up on social media.

4 thoughts on “A Heart Centered Business”

  1. Great post Mel. Good to see you are only promoting product that make your heart sing. Michael Hyatt from the ‘platform’ book says he only has products he has used or likes. This is a valuable book too if you haven’t read it.

    Stick to your truth.

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