I’m a nutritionist and wellness coach, not a (food) photographer

I’ve sat with this headline for sometime now, and over the last few weeks I’ve felt compelled to share a little bit about why this statement is really important for me.

I recently went to a conference and included in the weekend was a free introductory workshop on food photography (none the less run by a camera company). During this workshop the facilitator asked if anyone was using an iPhone to take photographs of their food. I was the only person who put their hand out, not ashamed because I had no reason to be. The response that came back to me straight away was, ‘Don’t! Get yourself a decent camera (probably theirs!) and stop using your phone’. I reluctantly and embarrassingly mumbled that I did not currently have a choice and could not just go out and buy a $500 camera and a course to learn how to use it. The facilitator wasn’t interested and moved on.

I spent the next hour in a bit of a panic, taking in some of the information but being completely intimidated by the workshop organisers (yes, that’s right a camera company) and the other participants.  And one of the reasons was because some of these people had ALL the gear and know how: the $500+ camera, lightbox, lenses, tripods and whatever else we were told that day we had to have. They knew which setting to use, they knew the lingo AND….to make matters worse, they just liked taking photos of food-this wasn’t their job! I didn’t even take part in the hands on section at the end where we got to play around with the camera functions and take photos of some food. I had NO idea what I was doing and by this stage, was too embarrassed to say anything.

During a business function a few weeks later, I confessed all this to my business coach and a few other business owners and bloggers.  My business coach was really disappointed (and actually quite cross) that someone had made me feel like this. I also confided in her that perhaps ‘the whole food thing wasn’t really what I was supposed to be doing.’ As always, she gave me a stern but friendly and empowering talking to and made me feel better by showing me some of her early work. It made me feel SO much better to see how far she had come.

However, fast forward another few weeks and I am progressing with my Facebook page, getting ready to launch my website when I look at my photos again and am really disappointed with what I see. I get that sick feeling in my stomach about the food photos I am about to release to the world! Not only that but a couple of comments from people took me right back to the questioning stage again. I started comparing myself to other food bloggers in my field. I looked at Instagram accounts and websites (yes I know, the worst thing to do!) Before I knew it, I had decided that I wasn’t going to add recipes to my website, that I wasn’t going to publish my ebook at the end of the year and that I would just stick to what I knew-science, nutrition, health, wellness, stress management and fitness.

But then the realisation dawned on me.

I just had to start. People want healthy recipes, and my ebook due out at the end of the year will provide you with healthy snack ideas, which I am ALWAYS asked about. I don’t want you to miss out because I don’t have the latest photography gadgets or know how.

If you want nutrition advice, wellness coaching, stress management techniques, healthy eating tips, I AM your go-to person. And you never know, in time I will be your food photographer ‘go to’ also.

So in the meantime, please bear with me whilst I am learning, whilst I save for my first proper camera and course and then have the confidence to use it.

Please enjoy my recipes (a work in progress), send me your photos and let’s embrace this food and health journey together.

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