About Melanie

My true passion has always been prevention over prescription.

After completing two science degrees from the University of London, I spent two decades helping people once they were sick. However, my true passion has always been prevention over prescription. It’s not surprising that I burned out in this medicine-focused career – not once, but twice! I found myself struggling to work in an environment where nobody was discussing the power of preventing disease.

Something had to change – and that something was me. I re-trained as a health and nutrition coach, then continued on to complete a qualification in wellness coaching. This training gave me the mindset and wellness tools I needed to help people achieve their goals. There is a time and place for pharmaceuticals and medical interventions! However, many of the health problems we face today come back to lifestyle choices. It’s within our power to change those choices for the sake of wellbeing and prevention.

This is something I learned from experience. In early 2012, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia. I spent so much of my time and money going from practitioner to practitioner and not seeing any results. During this time, I did my own research as I was surprised that nobody had asked me about my diet and lifestyle. That’s when I decided to take my health into my own hands.

By April 2014, I ran my first 10km. In October, I ran my first marathon (which I had to postpone several years prior due to being so sick). It felt amazing! I was finally back on track. Slowly, day by day I started to feel stronger and healthier. After this journey, I went on to study epigenetics. Understanding how our genes are influenced by our environment was a game-changer for me – I realised that every person truly was unique, which is why one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work.

By 2015, I resigned from my corporate job so that I could run my coaching business full-time. My husband, two dogs and I moved to Queensland, as we wanted to live somewhere that was supportive for our health. Unfortunately, the stress of moving away from a place we loved and the close connections we had took its toll. Severe anxiety and depression set in. Knowing that I needed support, I found an amazing holistic GP. I was diagnosed with nutritional deficiencies, pyrroles and MTHFR.

With this knowledge, I made some drastic changes to turn my health back around. I transformed the way that I ate, thought, exercised and lived based on my specific needs. Since making those changes, I have been thriving with health!

I know that there are so many mixed messages out there in the health world. It can be hard to find someone willing to give unbiased and tailored advice based on what is right for YOUR body and lifestyle. When you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and confused, you don’t know where to start.

I know what it’s like to feel that way. I have been there, crying every day from exhaustion and pain. But now I have come through the other side and I am here for you. I want you to be healthy and happy again.

That’s why I became a coach – to support you and empower you throughout your own journey to optimal health.

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