Ten fun facts about me


Want to know a little bit more about me? Check out my 10 fun facts below:

  1. I LOVE Beanies. I have about 15 (all with their own names) and in 2010 my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival!
  2. I have two rescue dogs, Randall, a Jack Russell and Gracie, a Whippet
  3. I love Kale so much that my husband buys me bunches of kale instead of flowers.
  4. I started running in 2010. I couldn’t even run 100 metres but in January 2015 I ran a 50km ultra-marathon! Running is my thinking time, no headphones, no music, just me and the outdoors
  5. I played rugby at University for 3.5 years. I was born in Wales so rugby is in my blood! And yes, someone petite can quite easily play rugby. I either played the position of scrum half or left wing
  6. I love stand up paddle boarding, especially if the dolphins appear!
  7. I made Australia my home in 2003 to pursue a much more outdoors, active lifestyle. I was not able to do that in the UK with my intolerance for the cold!!
  8. After years of battling with it (and being bullied for it), I now love my super curly hair
  9. I used to ride a motorcycle in the UK but now I prefer pedal power.
  10. I have represented Western Australia in the sport of dragon boating

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