Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Coaching

No, all my coaching is carried out via skype and I currently have clients based all around Australia.

Generally all coaching sessions are offered as part of a package. To make the biggest difference in your life, we look at your initial needs and concerns in your first session and then set a plan for future sessions. A one off coaching session will not allow you to achieve your full potential or allow me to ensure that you are sticking to your new habits and goals that we discussed. Multiple coaching sessions allow you time to make changes and allow me to support you through these changes.

If you have already completed a genetic health profile (ph360) through another coach or resource, I do offer single coaching sessions.

If you would like a mini health consult, these are also available under nutrition coaching.

Please contact me to discuss your exact requirements so that we can discuss this further.

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs so that we can discuss the package that will be best suited to you. Priced vary depending on the type of support and package that is required.

Further details of pricing is available under each ‘work with me’ section (essential oils, nutrition, wellness and genetics health coaching).

At the moment it is not possible to claim a rebate but this is something that  may change in the future.

This depends on the package that you have purchased. For the genetics health coaching, the first session is an exploratory session where we get to know each other. Please allow up to 1.5 hours so that we are not rushed through this process. During this session I will conduct all your measurements as well as discuss your family and medical history

Follow up sessions are usually 30 minutes to one hour depending on the type of package that you choose.

I want you to reach your goals and become your healthiest, happiest self. All clients that buy a package will be supported via e-mail during business hours when they are being coached by me.

I have a network of allied health professionals that I work with including other nutritionists that have differing specialised skills to me. Should we both feel that additional support is necessary, we can discuss referring you to one of these additional health professionals. I always work within my scope of practice and am more than happy to refer on if necessary. Sometimes I may also suggest that an alternative practitioner is more appropriate for you to see based on your needs. 

I am a member of the Nutrition Society of Australia and Food Coaches Australia and am continually enhancing my education through personal and professional development.

Yes. You are able to use Mediplan (Zip pay) if you wish to pay via payment plan. 

Please note that at the time of booking a 50% deposit will be required which is non refundable.

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