Essential Oil Blends

I love making essential oil blends. I think it’s the scientist in me. It takes me back to my days at university in my lab coat although this is a lot more fun ! All the blends here will be for the diffuser unless otherwise stated. I have not added the number of drops of each oil because this varies greatly depending on a number of factors such as size of room, whether it is being diffused for adults or children etc. I usually add equal amounts of each oil but I do find some oils such as spearmint very strong and over-powering so I will use less of these. It’s also very important to be guided by your intuition.

Some of the blends can also be used on the body as a pampering and moisturising blend. Please ensure that they are diluted accordingly (ratio of 2:1 carrier oil to essential oil). Please be aware also that some essential oils are ‘hot’ oils for example cinnamon, lemongrass, oregano and I do not recommend that they are used in a body blend.

Please contact me should you have any questions. Safety guidelines can be found here. 

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