Why a Vegan Diet Doesn’t Mean a Healthy Diet


The above photo prompted me to write this blog post but to be honest, it’s been coming for a while. I make no secret of the fact that I am vegan. I thrive on a (healthy) vegan diet. When I was sick a few years ago with chronic fatigue I dropped dairy products for health reasons. I was already vegetarian so the only animal products I still ate were eggs. A few months after this, my husband and I went to see the movie ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ and both decided to become vegan for ethical reasons. After my previous health problems with chronic fatigue I had already taken a long, hard look at my diet and made a lot of changes which prompted me to start helping others. I am not here to tell you what diet to follow but I am here as a truth seeker to provide you with the correct information and let you make your own mind up about things.

So, the above photo………. I am very upset that this photo is being shared on a page with over 55,000 followers because it is incorrect. Remember the blog post that I wrote last week on coconut oil? It is a saturated fat and raises cholesterol. In fact, my cholesterol results were higher in my annual blood tests this year than last year (as were my husbands). Whilst my doctor was not concerned as they were still well within normal limits, we did discuss the fact that consuming all the coconut products that we do (for example coconut milk in curries, coconut oil in raw desserts occasionally at home and when we go to a café) had raised overall cholesterol. And please, let’s not forget the people that have a genetic pre-disposition to high cholesterol. They can eat as healthily as they like but still have high cholesterol. What worries me about this photo is that people believe it to be true and then share it. I have a friend who has recently become vegan who shared this on her wall. When I commented that it was incorrect, my comment ‘disappeared’. That’s weird I thought so I wrote it again. It ‘disappeared’ again. I am not here to make trouble but if you want to share information, please ensure that it is factually correct. And please, don’t delete my comments as I am here to educate, inspire and have an adult discussion about these matters.

I see comments all the time from vegans talking about how they won’t get cancer and heart disease because they are vegan. Really? I am seriously worried for the future health of many vegans when I see what they eat. When you consume that much processed ‘fake meat’ food you are not setting yourself up for good health and let’s not forget that cancer is a complicated disease that nobody is immune too. Nothing upsets me more than seeing posts saying, ‘I won’t get cancer because I follow a (insert type of  vegan diet). Please stop spreading those rumours. They are just not true. Yes, vegans have a much lower incidence of cancer and heart disease but research does not show they are immune to it.

Vegan processed food is not healthy. Remember this article I wrote about how ill I felt after eating a vegan pizza? I can’t touch vegan cheese (unless it is nut based). It makes me feel really ill. Last time I ate ‘Vegan fish’ I was up half the night being sick. Have you heard about all the people that are now getting sick from eating Quorn products?

And don’t get me started on the popular Australian company who make ‘fake meat’ products with carageenan. Think carageenan is safe? Make your own mind up here.

Do you think eating something like this (a popular fake meat) is healthy and will mean you are immune to ‘lifestyle diseases?’ Think again.



Now please don’t get me wrong. I do occasionally eat some of these products but 95% of the time, my diet is really clean and healthy. I am also not pointing the finger saying that vegans are immune from disease and illness ‘because they are vegan.’

I am absolutely aware that the definition of veganism according to the Vegan Society is the following:

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

It doesn’t mention health, I understand that. Veganism is not about health, it is about the animals. I have helped several clients become vegan and I always talk about health because I am passionate about animals and ethics but I am also really passionate that people eat more fruit and veg.

I for one, want to be around to help the animals as long as possible. Therefore to me it is also about health and about being kind to my body.

So vegans, please stop telling people eating their sausage in a bun at Bunnings or their bacon and egg roll at a local café that they’re going to get cancer and heart disease when you are chomping away on a ‘fake meat’ product that is far from natural. Let’s be kind to one another, to the animals, to the planet and let’s all educate and empower people instead of pointing fingers.

6 thoughts on “Why a Vegan Diet Doesn’t Mean a Healthy Diet”

  1. Interesting especially about the coconut milk as although its saturated its supposed to be “good fats” isn’t it? If not then I need to rethink using it as my cholesterol was not that great..

  2. Great blog! Firstly, no-one should tell anyone what to eat and what not. Secondly, there are many studies regarding the benefits of plant-based food, which does not include processed foods. And finally, health and lifespan depend on many factors. Everyone should make an educated personal choice on their nutrition. I’ve been consuming animal products, drinking, and smoking. I felt pretty crappy, so I gave it all up, and I feel good now – that’s all. However, this doesn’t make me a better person or doesn’t give me a ticket to tell anyone what to do…

  3. Great post and perspective. I think sometimes people forget the point of why it is they have made these choices. Thanks for bringing it back to the welfare of animals!

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