Why I love Network Marketing

I used to work in a corporate job. I had a big boss, who I have to say was generally a good boss until I told her I was burning out from all the travel across Australia and the long hours. ‘It’s part of your job’ was her response, sat in her office in Sydney, earning a lot more than me and travelling a fraction of what I did.

I thought working in a job like that was my only option. That’s how we’re taught isn’t it? Good to school, get good grades, go to University, get good grades, get a good job. So that’s what I did. And eventually I was in a good job. However what does a good job really mean? Well I was earning a 6 figure salary if that’s what it meant. That’s what a lot of people think means a good job. But I had worked my way up the ranks, ‘served my time’ and was probably more or less at the peak of what I could earn for that job. The only way to earn more would be to change companies and establish myself again, or get promoted (to my manager’s job and above).

But wait,  there is another way !

When someone introduced me to dōTERRA essential oils and said I could earn money from them I thought to myself ‘No thanks, I’m not interested in entering into some pyramid scheme and losing my friends’ (because that’s what most people unfortunately think). But dōTERRA is NOT a pyramid scheme.

So what is a pyramid scheme?

According to the Australian competition and Consumer Commission, pyramid schemes make money by recruiting people rather than by selling actual products or services, even if the scheme includes the selling of a product.

A big difference to note with pyramid schemes is that the person at the top makes the most money with false promises for people below them. People put money into the organisation and hope others do the same, and that they will eventually get their return. In the meantime, the person who got in first is making all the money!

This video explains the concept really well:

What people fail to understand is that when you work in a ‘traditional job’ it looks a bit like this. Do you think this looks like a pyramid?!

There is a big difference between pyramid schemes (which are actually illegal) and a network marketing company.

Network Marketing

Networking marketing is also called Direct Dales or Multi-Level Marketing. Some well-known companies such as Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay Cosmetics and The Body Shop At Home are all network marketing companies.

Network marketing is huge in the USA. Why? Because people don’t want to work in a scenario like I describe above. The only way I could earn as much or more than my boss in my corporate job would be to get her job. I have people in my dōTERRA team who earn more than me because when I was slaving away in my corporate job, they were working really hard to create their own dōTERRA business. In the meantime, I was slaving away working for someone else.

Slowly in Australia, the UK and the rest of the world people are realising what amazing potential network marketing provides. Network marketing provides people with real, legitimate products and services that they want and need. In a pyramid scheme, people have to lose money for someone to make money. In a network marketing company, you work with others to raise them up and be successful.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your team shine and reach potential beyond what they ever realised.

Network marketing is a serious business for people committed to running their own business. It is endorsed by Richard Branson as being great for entrepreneurs to get started with their own business! It isn’t like a franchise or a start-up company where there are big overheads to pay and a big risk to take.

Why did I become involved with network marketing?

I started using dōTERRA essential oils because I absolutely LOVE the oils. That’s how 99% of the people I work with and know started with dōTERRA.

When you get a wholesale account with dōTERRA there are a few options:

  1. Order when you want; as much or as little as you want
  2. Order every month and get reward points to go towards free products (like Qantas points or Fly Buys)
  3. Order every month, get reward points and start to share with your family and friends to earn a part time business. This can cover the cost of your oils plus more
  4. Order every month, get reward points and turn this into a full time business (potential to earn 6 and 7 figure salaries)

85% of people that have a dōTERRA wholesale account just LOVE the products and don’t wish to do anything further with it. I’m just glad people are using the products because they are so beneficial.

One thing to be mindful of is that this is not a get rich quick scheme and if this is what you are after, this is not for you.

This is about using a product that has amazing potential for your health, your family and if you want it, your finances. Since working with the dōTERRA team I’ve seen so many transformation stories of how these oils support people in so many ways. Financially, I’ve had friends who have been able to leave the mining industry and spend more time with their family. Who wouldn’t want more time with their partner and children?

So how will you know a good network marketing company?

  1. You will love the product. dōTERRA has a 65% retention rate. That means that after joining dōTERRA, 65% of people re-order. The industry standard is 10%
  2. There will be a good compensation plan and there is the ability to out-earn the people above you in your team
  3. There is not a forced option to order every month. I order the oils every month but I don’t have tonnes of product sat in my garage that I’m trying to shift (this is something I get asked a lot) !!I order every month what I need for myself and my family. This could include supplements, cleaning products, oils for cleaning, calming or adding to food
  4. You only need to place a minimum order if you wish to earn commission. You can alter or change this at any time and still remain with a wholesale account
  5. You will be surrounded by people who mentor, train and educate because they really believe in the product

You probably already are aware of my thoughts on ethics and my values from previous blog posts that I have written (read here and here). I will not support or be part of anything that does not align with my values and beliefs.

So how do people earn money?

Network marketing companies don’t have advertising budgets that they use at sports events and the like (did you know that it costs $4 million to advertise at Super Bowl for a 30 second ad?!!) They pay people like me, who get really excited about sharing the benefits of their products. Have you ever been to see a really good movie or discovered a new restaurant and told everyone they have to go ! Do you get paid for that referral ? NO!

This is the difference. I tell everyone how dōTERRA essential oils can help them and their family (they are seriously life changing) but I get paid for that! I don’t push the oils on people. I naturally share how good they are and the benefits. There is a big difference between being a salesperson and really believing in a product and telling people about it. If people want to know about the financial and business side of things, I tell them about that opportunity too.

Another great thing is that there is the opportunity to earn residual income from working with, and supporting your team. This was all too real for me recently when an immediate member of my family had a health scare. The first thing that crossed my mind and freaked me out completely was that in Australia we are given 10 days sick leave and once that is used you don’t get paid. With dōTERRA, and any other network marketing company, you have potential to still be paid at a very high level when you take holidays or sick. Which other company gives you that option? This was reassuring for me in a time that was already stressful enough.

Here is more information on the dōTERRA compensation plan and earning potential and some possible earning potential figures and timelines (please note with network marketing the time and effort you put in reflects the results that come out so these earnings and timelines are average)

Please note figures for Presidential Diamond are incorrect. Average income is approximately $130,oo0/month or $1.3 million per year. There are currently two in Australia.

So, next time someone tells you about their new business, listen with both ears because you never know how it may benefit you.

Click here to find out more about dōTERRA and working with me, or contact me here to discuss how this opportunity may help you and your family.

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