Why I Love Essential Oils

A few years ago after I was diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue, essential oils entered by life. Prior to that, I didn’t really know much about them aside from my Mum using them on me to try and calm me down before exams. Now, I couldn’t imagine life without essential oils. They are life changing, quite literally and so I want to share with you why I love them so much.

1. They are safe and natural

Essential oils are pure extracts distilled from plants and are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. They are the plants natural protection from harm such as environmental threats, insects, toxins etc. They are very safe to use. I am not suggesting that they replace pharmaceuticals as I truly believe that sometimes there is a time and place where they are necessary. However essential oils provide a natural, safe alternative.

2. They work

Essential oils actually treat the problem rather than masking the symptom like so many pharmaceuticals. They have many health and healing properties.

Have you had a busy day and have a tension head? Reach for Past Tense (the Tension Blend) and see how quickly it works.

Eaten too much when you went out for dinner? Reach for Digestzen (The Digestion Blend) and see how much better you will feel.

3. You can take them with you everywhere!

My handbag always has a few of my favourite oils, not just to use as pure-fume to make me smell good but also in case a scenario arises where I (or somebody else) needs them (bloating, indigestion, tension, stress). It is so satisfying when you can reach into your bag and help a friend out.

They are also safe to take on an overseas trip so no more worries about stomach problems or bugs!

4. They are amazing in food

DoTERRA has a range of essential oils that can be used internally and make food taste amazing also. Cooking dinner and forgot to buy the herbs or there isn’t enough in the garden? No problem, there is a range of herb oils such as basil, thyme, rosemary, coriander, cilantro etc. all available for use in cooking. There are also other varieties such as peppermint, lemon and wild orange which are amazing in raw desserts.

5. They are really cost effective

Essential oils are highly concentrated, for example one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. The price per drop is only a few cents, as opposed to very expensive pharmaceutical prescriptions. You only need a drop or two for them to be effective and therefore a standard 15ml dōTERRA bottle will last a long time.

6. They make the house smell amazing

One of the most effective ways to use the essential oils is in a diffuser which vaporises into the air.  They can eliminate odours from cooking, animals and other sources in the house (think smelly sports shoes !) No need for toxic air fresheners when you can use essential oils.

7. They act on the body and the mind

Essential oils work on the limbic system through olfaction (smell). The olfactory system of the brain communicates with the limbic system which regulates the nervous, immune and endocrine (hormone) systems. When the oils are smelt neurotransmitters are released for example pain reducing or endorphins (similar to what is released when you exercise) which make you feel good.

The aromas can also be stimulating and uplifting (think citrus oils) or calming and relaxing (think lavender and cedarwood)

8. They are scientifically researched

A quick search on PubMed will produce over 15,000 search results on essential oil research. Essential oils are no longer just for hippies. (That’s what I used to think !!) As a scientist myself,  I am so pleased that essential oil research is being taken seriously and that more and more hospitals in the USA are starting to use them (come on Australia!) dōTERRA employs a wide range of researchers to ensure that all essential oils are thoroughly tested and that the regulatory processes are being followed for approval into Australia (and other countries also)

9. They are safe for the whole family

Babies, children, adults and even pets can use essential oils. Please ensure that you do your research in this area to ensure that you are comfortable with their use. I use essential oils on my dogs and my holistic vet also promotes their use. Many of my friends with babies and children use essential oils safely and effectively and it is wonderful to see the next generation growing up reaching for essential oils as their first line of defence (fallen over in the garden? No problem, mummy has an oily spray for that!)

10. They can replace so many products in your home

Essential oils can be used for cleaning, deodorant, body spray/pure-fume, room spray, post workout etc. You won’t need to go down that cleaning aisle in your supermarket any longer. I can’t even stand the smell down that aisle now that I only use natural products.

Please note that I only use and promote dōTERRA essential oils because they are 100% pure and natural. Each batch goes through rigorous safety testing. They are a company with high standards that supports local communities where the oils are grown. I always align myself with companies that meet with my ethics and standards and I wouldn’t use any other oils.

If you would like to know more about these essential oils, please contact me or click here to read more.

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