Why Drive When you Can Run?-My Next (200km) Challenge


At the start of the year I began to think about my next challenge. I knew that I wanted to do a 50km trail run, which I successfully completed in May of this year, but what next after this? I thought about running a 100km ultra-marathon but to be completely honest, my body doesn’t feel that it wants to run 100km in one go; that is a massive ask! So I started to think what else I could do. And then, a crazy idea popped into my head, but the more I thought about it, the less crazy it sounded.

In September of this year I will be attending Pro Blogger; a two day conference for bloggers, held on the Gold Coast. And so I thought, why not run to it? I know, crazy right, but a seed had been planted and I couldn’t let it go.

So on Monday 5th September 2016 I will be setting off from the Sunshine Coast and running to the Gold Coast. I plan to take four days and my aim is to run more than a marathon (42.2km) each day. I estimate it will be between 43-50km every day so the total distance will be approximately 200km. The runs will be enjoyable. There will be no time expectations or demands that I place on myself, only that I enjoy it! My husband and dogs, Randall and Gracie will be (driving) along for the ride, supporting me and meeting me at various points en-route, and then we will camp every night. I’ve run 50kms twice before and have woken up the next day feeling really good, physically and mentally. However I’ve not had to get up and run again the next day, and the next day, and the next day. So this will be a great challenge, and one that I am really excited about.

Why am I doing this?

  • It’s a personal challenge because I always like to see what I can achieve. When I had chronic fatigue a few years ago , I was unsure if I would be able to commit to running again, let alone long distances. I took time to heal myself and now I am much more in tune with my body.
  • It’s a challenge to show people that anything is possible. Remember this blog where I wrote about how I couldn’t run down the road in 2009 and what a struggle it was to do any exercise? I’m not a natural born runner. But I want to do this to show people that you can achieve anything if you want to, and if you set your mind to it.
  • To raise funds for two charities that mean a lot to me.
  1. Farm Animal Rescue
  2. U Can Survive

Farm Animal Rescue


Farm Animal Rescue is a beautiful animal sanctuary based North of Brisbane dedicated to looking after farm animals that have been abused and lived on factory farms. As a kind, compassionate vegan I want to show people that we do not need to exploit animals the way that we currently do. Funds raised from my run will go towards looking after all the animals at the sanctuary and continuing to educate the public about the way animals are treated.

You can donate to Farm Animal Rescue using this link:


U Can Survive


U can Survive is a cancer support charity based in Nambour. I first met Eve, the President at a workshop that I was running at the start of the year and Eve asked me to come along to the group and give a presentation to the members on nutrition. To be honest I did not know what to expect but what I found was uplifting. A community of cancer patients, survivors and carers who all want to support each other through this time and beyond, using a variety of methods that are not always discussed when you go to your GP or oncologist. This was very empowering and special. Nobody was sat around feeling sorry for themselves. It is important to remember that cancer can affect us all. Yes, there are a lot of things we can do to help us stay well through diet and lifestyle but please remember that nobody is immune to this dreadful disease.

You can donate to U Can Survive using this link:



I would also like to thank my sponsors that have come on board with this challenge.

A big thank you to Salomon Australia for providing me with an S-Lab 12 Hydration Pack which is certainly going to help fuel me along the way. It is seriously awesome. I will write a review of it in the near future but it is so comfortable that I don’t even know that it’s on.

Check out their wonderful range of activity gear here: http://www.salomon.com/au/

I would also like to say a big thank you to Andrew and Tara from At  One Foods for providing natural snack bars to keep me going along the way. In fact, they won’t just be great for me. I think my husband will be eating a few in the car too! The mint one is SO good for afternoon tea. The bars are prepared from pure raw ingredients many of which are organic. They are also gluten free, sugar free and vegan.

Check out their awesome selection here: http://www.atonefoods.com.au/ 

             FAR_Logo_Final               Salomon logo        at-one-logo

If you are a business or individual that would like to sponsor me individually or with donations to the above charities, please contact me.

Please consider donating generously to these two wonderful causes and supporting me along the journey. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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