Trust me, I’m a blogger!

I want to do an important post today to highlight something really integral about my business.

My business comes from the heart.

herat from red pungent paprika

I do what I do because I love to see the positive change in people.

There is nothing better than getting an e-mail from a client that says, ‘I made some of the changes that we discussed and my energy levels are improving. I am feeling heaps better’. This to me is priceless. I want to empower people to be their healthiest, happiest self.

I am authentic and genuine and these are my core values.

I will never promote anything that does not align with my ethics and values.

Let me tell you a story. Last year I was attending a large conference and one of the mornings I was provided with a free breakfast. There wasn’t a lot for me to eat (mainly bacon and eggs) but I had some fruit and decided I would get something from the local organic café after. I was grateful we had been provided with a free breakfast so I wasn’t going to waste my energy complaining. I ended up sitting next to someone who is getting very well known in her field, promoting paleo living and taking on major organisations with their health messages. She complained non-stop about the food on offer. She took a piece of white bread, plastered it with butter and peanut butter, turned to me and said, ‘Don’t post this on my FB page or tell any of my followers about this’. I was really disappointed. This is someone with a big following, who lots of people look up to about health and that was how she behaved. Goodness knows what she gets up to and eats at home when nobody can see her.

As a blogger, I only ever promote brands that align with my ethics and values. Last year I met a woman that was promoting a wellness product. I asked her about the products and the first thing she said to me was, ‘You wouldn’t believe the money you can make from promoting these’. I was horrified. I wanted to know if the product was any good, not if I could make money from it!

I also had an encounter with a different woman last year who I approached about the wellness products she was selling because she was always posting on FB about how great they were (another company from above). She suggested that I try the products because she wasn’t able to describe just how good they were and what a difference they were making in people’s lives. She said they were pure clean ingredients at a fraction of what you would pay at the supermarket. When the order arrived I was so disappointed with the ingredients list and immediately sent everything back. This is a company that says they’re all about wellness. Really? Are you sure you don’t mean profit?

Or what about the vegetarian blogger that is currently giving away a cook book that isn’t even vegetarian?!

I don’t drink green smoothies EVERY day, I don’t exercise EVERY day, I don’t do yoga and you might occasionally see me in a café eating hot chips. But I don’t hide this, and I don’t pretend to be someone I am not. I don’t have ‘cheat days’ but if I am out and want a piece of raw caramel slice for example, I will eat it. I eat well 99% of the time, and when I don’t eat well my body reminds me quickly enough not to do it again.

I walk my talk.

I am genuine and authentic

I am not sponsored by any brands or companies, but should this happen I will a) make this very clear to my audience and b) only ever promote brands and products that I love, trust and believe in.

Products must be toxic chemical free (because remember you can’t actually be chemical free in this world), vegan and healthy, and the company must have integrity and be socially responsible. If the company and product doesn’t fit this, I’m not interested.

4 thoughts on “Trust me, I’m a blogger!”

  1. Great post Mel. Good to see you are only promoting product that make your heart sing. Michael Hyatt from the ‘platform’ book says he only has products he has used or likes. This is a valuable book too if you haven’t read it.

    Stick to your truth.

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