Top Tips for Getting Out of Bed Early!

I have a confession. I really struggle with mornings! I’ve never been one of these people that jump out of bed in the morning with heaps of energy. Once I’m up, I’m generally fine (as long as you don’t talk too much!!) I’m better in the summer because it is light and warm and I know that I want to get my run in before it gets too hot. But I am much worse during the winter months when the mornings are colder and darker.

Every year around April/May I now realise that I have the same conversation with my husband!! It goes like this- ‘Why do I have less energy in the mronings, why is it harder to get up?” This is the same time of year that I always go to the doctor for my annual blood tests. So one year I mentioned it to the GP. She suggested I went on melatonin tablets! (Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles). I thought that this was a crazy idea. I am fortunate that I don’t have a problem falling asleep or staying asleep!! What I did realise however was that I needed to honour my body more. I realised that I NEED more sleep in winter. My body needs to rest more. We emigrated to Australia years ago, primarily because of the climate. I don’t do well in the cold or the dark. So I do rest more. I do sleep in when I need to and I do go to bed earlier when I need to.

I work for myself and I can choose the hours that I work. I don’t need to get up early in the dark to take children to school or hit the freeway. However… saying that, we sometimes need to get up early. So I decided to interview 3 amazing ladies who I know get up early all the time! I hope that you enjoy their top tips and that they help you to get out of bed easier !

Nikki Medwell 

Bed and Broccoli 

Nikki runs Australia’s first all Vegan B and B named ‘Bed and Broccoli’ along with her husband Scott. They have a collection of rescue animals and now are also wildlife carers. Nikki said when you have animals it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you still need to get up early. Here are Nikki’s top tips for getting out of bed on that cold, dark winter’s morning. 

1. If you have a fireplace, keep it smouldering overnight & throw a log on it when you get up 

2. Keep warm clothes (thermals) next to the bed to slip into immediately upon rising

3. I don’t stop for a warm cup of tea. I get going ASAP & reward myself with one once the chores are done. It warms me and tastes better knowing everyone is content

4. No matter how tempted you are to stay in bed, remember that the animals waiting on you are cold and hungry and rely on you 100%. See what you do as a privilege

Amanda Attard: 

Sweets and Greens


Amanda is the founder of Sweets and Greens. She creates healthy recipes with whole foods using everyday ingredients that are easy to find. She loves to run and ride and is currently training for a 50km trail run through the Blue Mountains. She loves to get up early every morning and run before work. In summer time in Queensland that’s easy because it is light at 4:30am but it’s much more difficult in winter when she often completes her whole workout in the dark (and cold). Here are Amanda’s top 3 tips for getting up early, even if it’s cold, dark and raining outside.

1. Organise to meet someone else. It’s easy to let yourself down, but knowing someone else is waiting for you in the dark makes you more committed

2. Have everything ready the night before. Get your gear out, including something warm and waterproof if you think you’ll need it. The few times I have not gone out in the morning I have felt really guilty having to put my clothes away when I didn’t wear them

3. Do not hit snooze. As soon as the alarm goes off get up. In a doze-y state just get dressed and go. It’s easier to think of excuses when you’re awake. The more you do the more it becomes a habit. I use to feel cold all day when I didn’t work out in the morning and now, even though it’s cold when I start, I’m less likely to feel the cold during the day

Emma Perrow

Emma is the best selling author of “The 7 secrets to getting sh*t done” as well as being a Mum, personal trainer, business and personal coach. Emma knows how to get things done and is a star at getting up early. Emma is a straight talker. I hope you love her tips as much as I do:

1. Don’t overthink it. JFDI. Have a purpose. Don’t get up to faff around

2. Get accountable. Tell someone or meet someone early. You are less likely to not get up

3. Go to bed early. I am crashed at the latest by 9:30pm. Most evenings I’m in bed by 8.45pm. I get up about 4:30-4:45am most days

4. Allow yourself to not have an alarm clock at least once or twice a week. I naturally wake early now, but enjoy the fact that an alarm won’t wake me up

I’d love to know your thoughts. Are you a morning person? What is your secret?

This is what keeps me in bed in the winter-do you have this ‘problem’ too ?!

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