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Orange and Herb Avocado Spread
I’m starting to experiment more in the kitchen and get creative as I have always been a recipe kind of woman. But yesterday, I noticed that I had some avocados to use up that were soft. Normally I would have just made the standard chocolate mousse! But this time I wanted something different, something savoury and something that I could make which would combine my love of essential oils. Using essential oils in food gives it such a unique flavour. Here I have used Wild Orange which comes from the rind of the orange so it gives this spread a super tangy flavour. So here it is! I hope that you enjoy.
  1. Chop Avocados in half, discard stone, scoop out middle and mash into bowl
  2. Mix basil, rocket and spinach together and add to avocado
  3. Add a dash of olive oil and 2-3 drops wild orange essential oil
  4. Combine until thoroughly mixed
  5. Serve immediately
  6. Alternatively, for a smoother spread add all ingredients to a blender and combine
Recipe Notes

Can be eaten on crackers, raw vegetables or as photographed, gluten free sourdough

*Please ensure that you only use 100% pure, food grade essential oil. Contact me if you require more details

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