Pure Harvest Goodies Review and Give Away

NOn dairy milk, crackers and chocolate spread

Anyone that has been following me for a while will know that I am very ethical and conscious of the types of foods and ingredients that I consume. Which is why I love Pure Harvest and it is the only plant based milk that I buy. Let me tell you a little bit about them so you can see why I support them.

 In 1982 they were one of the first companies in Australia to import and distribute soy milk and rice cakes in the country. They were also the first company to distribute bio-dynamic rice in the country and played a key role in financing the first organic rice crop grown in Australia. In 1987 they were the first Australian company to sell locally made whole bean soy milk.

They are passionate about organic and non-GM and care deeply about the environment.

Look at their mission statement:

At Pureharvest it is our mission to provide and distribute products that create healthier and happier people.

So you can see why I just love the company so much. It stands for so much about what I believe in and I will only support and promote companies that have the same values as me.

Let’s look at some of the range of great products on offer that I recently tried:

Non-Dairy Milk

Non dairy milk

Pure Harvest sells a whole range of non-dairy milks including:

Activated Almond (both sweetened and unsweetened)

Rice (Unsweetened and unsweetened with calcium)


Soy (Original, Lite, Lite with calcium, Enriched and Malt Free)

Coco-Quench: Coconut and Brown Rice)

The soy milk is my favourite for general use. It is great in tea and coffee, smoothies or with cereal. Coco-quench is also great in smoothies and has a creamier taste. Sometimes I make my own rice or almond milk but I would also be more than happy to buy these products because I know I can trust the ingredients.

One serving of the soy original contains 6.3g protein as well as 18.5g carbs (6g of which is sugar). It also contains 6.7g fat but no trans fats or cholesterol.

I’m also so glad that their milks (and other products) don’t contain carageenan; something that I’m really passionate about after experiences from clients who have consumed products containing carageenan and suffered gastro-intestinal problems.  Read this article I wrote for further information.

Their soy milks are also made from whole soy beans. It is not a reconstituted drink and they don’t use any isolates, additives, vegetable gum, stabilisers or preservatives. Many other soy milks on the market are made from soy isolate, not the whole soy bean. Isolates are very refined and have been shown to cause various health problems.  Pure Harvest only want to use whole foods, full of goodness.

Rice Cakes

Rice crackers

Pure Harvest make four different types of rice cakes:

Thin Quinoa

Rice Cake Thins

Natural Rice Cakes

Sesame Rice Cake Thins

I tried the thin quinoa and rice cake thins and they were so tasty as a morning or afternoon snack.  The quinoa cakes are 90% brown rice and 10% quinoa and the rice cakes are 99% rice. The whole range is vegan and gluten free with no cane sugar. The standard packs contain 14 serves and the thin packs contain 23 serves so they will last a family well. I really enjoyed them as a snack topped with hummus or pure harvest spreads.


Chocolate Spread

Pure harvest makes 4 spreads including 3 chocolate spreads and a tahini. The chocolate spreads are:

Coco2 Original (Pure Cocoa)

Coco2 Hazelnut

Coco2 Almond

I tried the original and the almond. The ingredients include pure harvest rice malt syrup (a pantry staple for me), nuts (if applicable), coconut oil, cocoa, vanilla and salt. Whilst I don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, I did enjoy this spread on the rice cakes for a treat during morning or afternoon tea. There is no cane sugar so personally this means I don’t get the crash and the moodiness I get when I used to eat cane sugar.  The rice malt syrup is also free from fructose so it is a preferred sweetener for many.

 Pure Harvest also sell fruit juices, muesli, oils and vinegars, corn cakes, soy sauces, flours, dried fruits and nuts as well as various sweeteners.


I have teamed up with pure harvest to provide you with a great giveaway as shown at the top of this blog post:

  • 1 x Carton of Almond, Rice, Soy and Coco-Quench plant based milk
  • 1 Packet of quinoa rice cakes
  • 1 Packet of rice cakes thins
  • 1 Jar of Coco2 Original (Pure Cocoa)
  • 1 Jar of Coco2 Almond

How to Enter

To ensure that you are eligible to enter:

1. Ensure that you are signed up to the newsletter from Eager for Life (click here to sign up) 

2. Like and follow Eager for Life Facebook Page and Pure Harvest Facebook Page

3. Comment on the blog why you would like to win this pack

4. Please note that all entries will also be subscribed to Pure Harvest Newsletter list which is packed full of wellness tips and exclusive offers

Important Information

1. The winner will be announced on 03-March-2017 and announced on this page and Facebook

2. The competition is open to Australian Residents only

3. The prize will be determined through random.org

4. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook

I would like to thank Pure Harvest for this opportunity to test their products. I would like you all to know that I only align myself with companies that I am happy to work with and Pure Harvest is most certainly one of these companies.

For more information on Pure Harvest and their products head to their website: https://pureharvest.com.au/


15 thoughts on “Pure Harvest Goodies Review and Give Away”

  1. More to the point – Who wouldn’t want to win a pure harvest pack! Those spreads look amazing and I’m super keen to try them. Cherers to health and happiness 🙂

  2. I would love to sample these healthy products, in my aim to improve my health.
    The quinoa rice cakes especially.
    Thanks Melanie for the details, and the chance to win.

  3. Since reading your article on almond milk I was encouraged to try this and liked it, especially on my porridge. At the start of the year my daughter has started on a gluten free diet and this has improved her health somewhat, one of the first things we bought was the rice crackers and they were really nice. It would be a great opportunity to try other products which we haven’t really thought about and I really think the fact that pure harvest is Australian and passionate about their produce is great to know. Would love the opportunity to win this hamper.

  4. I love pure harvest. They have a great range of products. Barneys favourite is the rice milk. Won’t drink anything else.
    Love the recipes they send out and available on their website too.

  5. My daughters (who are 2 & 4 ) and I absolutely love your products ! so winning this would be awesome !!! ????
    Thanks for the chance !

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