It’s time to downsize: Do we own too much?

Everything has started to happen over the last few weeks, like the planets started to align. Last week we got a call to say that we had been accepted for a house rental. We had been looking for one for a while and were starting to get concerned that we wouldn’t find one before Christmas. It’s really not the best time of year to start looking for a place to live! On top of that the rental demand on the Sunshine Coast is big at the moment so rentals are in short supply.

We moved into an airbnb cabin at the end of August for one week with the original plan of then going to Melbourne where there was more work for my husband.  3 1/2 months later we’re still here in the cabin. Life has a funny way of working out and with a turnaround of unexpected events we were able to settle on the Sunshine Coast. This had always been our vision (and was on both our vision boards for the year) but it just wasn’t happening whilst we dreamt about it in Perth. As soon as we arrived here in Queensland the ‘law of attraction’ soldiers as I like to call them, started to come out of their shelters and make things happen!

When we packed up our house in Perth at the end of July I thought we’d see everything again in about 6 weeks.

The last time we saw our belongings: 28th July 2015 Western Australia

Little did we know it would be nearly 5 months!! But it’s been so interesting because I haven’t missed much. I’m excited to see everything again but also nervous. Do we really need ALL that stuff? My husband and I sat down and discussed what we actually missed.

Let’s assume that we have basics already provided such as a bed, sofa , basic kitchen utensils and clothes.

This is my list (in no particular order):

1. My stand up paddle board.

I’ve been eyeing people up with envy as they’ve been paddling boards along the coast here!
I have a gorgeous super light board and I’ve missed it so much. I cannot wait to see it again. I’ve hired a board once but I can’t wait for the freedom of being able to put my board on the roof of the car when I want to!

2. My Kitchen (or just a decent kitchen) and Utensils

This has been my oven for the last few months. Whilst it’s been functional, I’ve not been able to provide you with any recipes because it has no temperature setting. It’s just on and hot! Luckily we eat a lot of curries and stir fries and now it’s summer so there is more raw food and salads!  I’ve really missed having decent kitchen space, with a freezer to store berries, frozen bananas and a stash of bliss balls. I’ve missed all my notes and recipes which I did not bring with me. I’ve missed the ability to experiment and bring you new recipes. So watch this space….this will be coming back and more things will be going on the website in the New Year!

3. My Blendtec (high speed blender) twister jar and spatula

My Blendtec (almost!) goes everywhere with me. It was so well used when we were travelling across Australia: anything from almond milk to bliss balls and smoothies. It comes with the standard square jug but also comes with a smaller twister jar to make dips and smaller items. Blendtec also provides an amazing spatula to make sure you get every last drop out of your jar. I can’t believe I did not pack that!!

4. My Oscar Neo Juicer

I love my smoothies but with the warmer weather now here, and an abundance of spray free and organic veggies, I am craving more juices. My Oscar Neo is an amazing juicer and not even that difficult to clean. Can’t wait to see that again!

5. My Bicycles

I own a road and mountain bike and have really missed the ability to use them to cross train. I like to mix up my training to avoid injuries and strengthen different areas. The cycling scene over here is huge and there have been a few times when it has just been too darn hot to run but would have been perfect to ride!

But what about everything else? Seriously I haven’t missed anything else. And this is where it gets interesting. Houses in QLD are generally much, much smaller than houses in WA. So the house we are moving into is definitely a ‘downsize’ for us. I’m stressing big time how we will fit everything in (we won’t). With the logic of the above, I should just be able to get rid of things but it’s not that easy. Although there are some things I definitely know I can sort through and pass on, there will be others that I will need to get over the emotional attachment to.

Has anyone got any hints or tips how to help through this transition ?! What would you miss if you could only have a few things?

P.S-My husband misses the following: His bicycles (He has a few for different uses and it is his main hobby), his motorbike and tools, music collection (DVDs, records and stereo), book collection (huge), TV (for sport and movie nights. We don’t actually own one at the moment and haven’t for about a year as ours broke and we didn’t replace it)

Randall has really missed his kennel! It’s his retreat that he goes into, away from the world for ‘me’ time. I know he can’t wait to see this!

Gracie hasn’t missed anything. She’s got fed every day so she’s happy!

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