Ingredient: fresh mint

Orange and Apple Mint Smoothie

A refreshing,healthy drink. As we head into winter in Australia, apples and oranges are coming into season. This drink has a wonderful, fresh taste and feels so light and healthy. It is great all year round but is also a great smoothie to drink during the winter when our bodies often don’t crave smoothies as much.

Pineapple Mint Rice Salad

Fancy a salad that’s easy to make, can be batch made and given to the whole family for lunches throughout the week? This rice salad is perfect for this as well as summer picnics and BBQs.

Chickpea and Quinoa Salad

This is a quick salad if the quinoa is already made. Make a big batch next time you have some for dinner and store in the fridge ready to make salads for lunches etc.

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