Ingredient: basil finely chopped

Green Herb Salad with a Lemon Dressing

Summer is coming in the Southern Hemisphere! This salad is simple and quick to throw together with a range of ingredients you have in your fridge. Serve as a side salad or add tofu or veggie burgers for a main meal.

Orange and Herb Avocado Spread

I’m starting to experiment more in the kitchen and get creative as I have always been a recipe kind of woman. But yesterday, I noticed that I had some avocados to use up that were soft. Normally I would have just made the standard chocolate mousse! But this time I wanted something different, something savoury and something that I could make which would combine my love of essential oils. Using essential oils in food gives it such a unique flavour. Here I have used Wild Orange which comes from the rind of the orange so it gives this spread a super tangy flavour. So here it is! I hope that you enjoy.

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