I am a Truth Seeker

We all have a label and different characteristics right? How do you describe yourself? What is it that you do? Remember it does not have to be the ‘label’ of what you do for a job.  It can be what you are passionate about, and if that’s your job too then great! Take myself for example; I’m a nutritionist, health and wellness coach, essential oil lover, fur Mum, wife, runner, stand up paddle boarder, scientist, hippy and animal advocate (I could go on!) Quite a mix in there hey?! But then there are also my personality hats: Determined, focused, compassionate, ethical, heart-centred, sporty, funny, caring-just to name a few. And when I was thinking about my different hats, another one popped into my head.

I am a truth seeker

This became even more apparent last week after the ‘Sarah Wilson situation’ and the blog post re almond milk (Click here to read more).

And recently when discussing David Wolfe and his antics with friends, warning them of the misinformation that he spreads (apparently chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun and chocolate is an octave of sun energy), a friend called me a ‘Warrior of the Truth’: Perfectly said !!

What is a truth seeker?

I love the term ‘Truth Seeker’ and it just popped into my head a few weeks ago but I googled it for an official definition and apparently it is a ‘Follower of Jesus Christ’. This is not what I mean when I say that I am a truth seeker. I was brought up very religious, going to church every Sunday but now I follow my own spiritual and kindness religion.

A truth seeker to me is someone who seeks the truth. And that is me all over!

A very strong message has come to me in the last few weeks.  I want to empower you with the knowledge so you are armed with the truth and can make a balanced decision based on all the informational available. It is not up to me to tell you what you can or can’t do. That is your choice. I will seek the truth and then share it with you. I will give you the information and tools so you can decide what to do with it. For example, take my recent post on salmon. I’ve had several people say to me that they are no longer eating salmon because of the information I provided to them in that blog post. They were unaware of this information previously and had been told that salmon was healthy.

I stopped eating dairy a few years ago for health and ethical reasons. If someone wants to know why I don’t consume milk I will tell them the health reasons behind my decision and how it helped me heal from chronic fatigue but I will also tell them that it is not normal for us to drink milk meant for the calf. The only reason the cow is producing milk is because it was pregnant (just like humans!!)

I won’t stand for lies or misinformation. I am truthful and ethical.

I am a Truth Seeker. I am Eager for the Truth. Are you? If so, keep following……

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