Have you ever thought about the water that you drink or do you reach straight for tap water?

The type of water that someone drinks is always something that I discuss with my clients. The body knows how to heal but it is important that we give it the right tools to support it to optimal health.

The video explains Enagic® as a company, their Japanese medical-grade water technology which you can have in your own home and the truth about the Kangen Water™ that I drink.

Kangen Water™ is electrolysed reduced water that has passed through a Japanese certified medical grade ionizer, producing a highly negative ORP (oxidization reduction potential) alkalised water rich in active molecular hydrogen.

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a diatomic molecule that is composed of two hydrogen atoms held together by a covalent bond with the chemical formula H2. It is recognized as a free radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant, protecting the bodies cells from the effects of oxidative stress.

3 of the main benefits of molecular hydrogen include:



  • Selective antioxidant ‘1
  • Targets free radicals in the body without affecting beneficial pro-oxidation processess ‘2
  • Unique ability to cross the blood brain barrier, which most antioxidants are unable to do ‘3


  • Decrease excessive levels of pro-inflammatory mediators (cytokines, COX2, NFAT) ‘4
  • Prevents Inflammation via reducing free radicals in the first place (reduces the NADPH oxidase system) ‘4

Gene Expression

  • Protects DNA, RNA, proteins, cell membranes, and mitochondria from damage ‘5
  • Activates the Nrf2 pathway which upregulates our own antioxidants (GSH, CAT, GPx) and may help to bring the body back to homeostasis ‘6
Some of the unique properties of this water are:
  1. Antioxidant rich (Due to high negative charge/ORP)
  2. Therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen
  3. Ionic Minerals from the source water are delivered in the most absorbable form for the body
This is why Enagic® machines are classified as Japanese Medical Grade devices and can not be compared to a standard water filtration system (Please note that the machines also do basic filtration too)
It’s important to realise also that Kangen Water™ is ALKALISED not ALKALINE. Here is the difference:
With over 60 different uses, Kangen Water™ also creates highly alkalized and oxidized waters that replace toxic home cleaners, personal beauty and skincare products and also reduces plastics and chemicals in the home and body environment.
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Click here to find testimonials from leading health professionals who have shared Kangen Water™ into their practices and the benefits they see it providing to their clients: You will also be able to find further scientific and medical resources at this link.

Want to know what machines are in the full Enagic® range?

Enagic® produces several different ionizers that each provide a different level of value based on what you as the customer desire. They also produce a ‘mineral ion bathing spa system’ and a range of organic turmeric products. 
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