Day 4: Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast

I couldn’t believe this morning that it was day 4! I didn’t feel too bad when I woke up but it quickly became apparent when I started the run that my achilles heel was going to be a big problem. Every time my foot hit the road, I had shooting pain. I did a mental body scan and aside from this I wasn’t suffering anywhere else. I decided I could either run for as long as I could, but then potentially not be able to carry on, or I could do lots of walking. I chose the latter and wasn’t happy with my decision. When I saw my husband at the first checkpoint I was really upset saying, “I’ve failed. I’m walking. I’ve told everyone I’m running to the Gold Coast”. My husband quickly talked sense into me (as always-thank you!) and eventually I made peace with the fact that I wanted to get to the Gold Coast and complete this mission!

Although I cut yesterday’s run short, I’m glad I didn’t carry on last night in the dark. I walked through some areas this morning which weren’t that great in the day, let alone in the dark!

My iPhone died last night. I mean it’s totally broken, and won’t take a charge. So we spent a long time last night writing out the route and planning where to meet.  I decided my husband should have his mobile because if needed, I could always find a payphone (they do still exist right?!) A big thank you to the very kind man in the 7/11 who not only let me use the staff toilet but also let me use the company phone to call my husband! I really think he took pity on me!

I want to apologise also to the numerous drivers who waved me across the road in front of their car, not realising quite how long they’d have to wait for me to cross! I also had a thought today…..I was hobbling across pedestrian crossings like an 80 year old. Geez, they don’t give you much time to cross before the red man starts flashing.

When I was walking through a suburb earlier today I was stopped by a man who asked me if I was going for a long run today! ‘Yes I replied, I left the Sunshine Coast on Monday and will be on the Gold Coast later today.’ Oh I wish I had a camera to record his face, it was classic!

When I planned this challenge, I wanted to finish in Benowa so I could register for the conference I’m attending over the next two days. But then I remembered how hard it is to get to on foot. So I thought about somewhere we all think of when we think of the Gold Coast: The Beach. But then I realised that because of the diversions yesterday, today would end up being be 60km, and I knew my achilles heel wouldn’t be happy. So I thought where else is associated with the Gold Coast and what better than the theme parks!

I finished at Dream World which I feel is quite significant in this whole journey. I’m not special and I still emphasise that I am not a natural runner. The last few days have been tough. But I am determined!! My Mum instilled that in me and always taught me to never give up.  And at the start of the year I had a dream: I wanted to raise money for two charities and complete a challenge that I knew would be tough. I wanted to show people that if you have a dream or desire, grab it with both hands and go for it. Anything is possible. The last 4 days have been a big challenge for me but I did it.

I’d like to thank you all for your support whether for the charities or supporting me with your wonderful words and messages. Thank you to my coach who wrote a great training plan to get me through this! I would also like to send big thanks to my husband. This has definitely been a ‘Team Eager’ effort and I couldn’t have done it without him-from getting me up in the mornings (always a challenge!!) to organising checkpoints and having food and supplies all organised.  I recently read Pat Farmers biography and his friends and family commented that he is horrible to crew for as he is so demanding. He even confesses this himself. I hope I haven’t been too bad!!! And thanks finally to our two amazing dogs Randall and Gracie who are so easy to travel with and have really enjoyed just ‘hanging out with their Dad’!!

Day 4: Kingston to Coomera/Dream World (Gold Coast) 43.39 km

Total distance: 186.31km

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Two of the things that kept me going today when I was suffering was thinking about the charities I chose to support; thinking about the neglected and abused animals that never make it to Farm Animal Rescue and thinking about all the people that are diagnosed with cancer every day and don’t know who to turn to. Thank you Farm Animal Rescue and U Can Survive for the amazing work that you do.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to donate to the two amazing charities that I am supporting:

1. Farm Animal Rescue (Australia)-An animal sanctuary based in Brisbane…/run-sunshine-coast-to-gold-coa…

2. Cansurvive supporting you-A Cancer Support Charity on the Sunshine Coast


A big thank you also to the amazing sponsors that jumped on board to support me. 

At One Foods (amazing healthy energy bars and nut butter):

Salomon for proving a fantastic hydration pack to keep my fuelled during the run:

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