Day 2: Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast

I have a big confession. Today was not fun at all for so many reasons.

It was a tough, long day on the road. I surprised my legs this morning, letting them know they were hitting the road again and they were not pleased at all. In fact for the first 1.5 hours they didn’t want to play games. I’d woken up stiff which surprised me as I’ve run two 50km ultra-marathons before and have woken up feeling great. But today was different and therefore I was daunted from the start. I also had a lot of trouble with right knee pain caused by my IT band. Whilst I’ve had this problem before, I’ve not had it all for a very long time so it’s really annoying. It also seemed to be aggravated by having to run along the road on an uneven grass/gravel surface, whilst avoiding trucks; not good!

After 11kms my husband met me and we had a pep talk-always works wonders for me. I hit the road again and realised it was actually less painful to run than to walk; so run I did!

The route today was very boring, although look at these photos I took early on.Day 2 start

I love the flowering tree. With the wind blowing it honestly looked like a couple entwined and kissing. Or maybe I was delirious by this stage of running?!

            Day 2 Caboolture

I ran through a few big towns and was overcome by the stench of fast food places. Having lived in the country for the last 12 months I’d forgotten how easily accessible it is to get take-away in these places-not good. There was also a lot of traffic. But the route had a lot of paths which helped my knee. Although the pain has now moved to the back of my knee, it’s worse when I walk. Good motivation to keep going then!

My phone battery also died today so I got lost a couple of times and had a meltdown when I couldn’t find my husband because I wasn’t able to get directions. All good in the end and another pep talk and I was ready to go for the final stretch. I’d written down route instructions as best as I could but the local council where I was running needs to be fined for lack of road signs! I’d like to thank the man I stopped from gardening to ask for directions. He even had a map in his house but was a bit confused that I was running to Brisbane that day! I’d also like to thank the really helpful lady from Husqvarna Pine Rivers who printed me a map from the internet, but was confused again why I would want to run that far! And finally thank you to the three very confused commuters at Petrie train station who I asked for further directions. They couldn’t quite understand why I didn’t just get on a train to Brisbane!!

So all in all, a testing day for everyone. Although Randall and Gracie did get a visit to a local pet store where they were honoured to be told they were the ‘youngest looking old dogs the staff had ever seen!’ The staff were amazed by them.

I’m in good spirits tonight, surprisingly and I’m half way to the Gold Coast! Let’s hope tomorrow is a bit more fun though!

Day 2: Beerburrum to Aspley 54.55km

Total distance to date: 97.85km

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