Christmas Present Ideas for Dogs

This week’s blog post has come as a special request from Randall and Gracie who want to give you some amazing ideas for things to buy your dogs for Christmas. They’re very good at hinting at what they want!

Dogs by christmas tree

So I’ve listened and contacted my other doggie friends to bring you some great suggestions to help keep your dogs happy this Christmas. I love supporting local so please spread the word about these companies, especially the smaller ones just starting out. Let’s get behind them this Christmas.

1. Handmade Dehydrated Dog Treats: Little Monster

I was introduced to this fantastic Brisbane based company by a lady I follow on Instagram called @Noosafifi (check her out!) Fiona said that her dogs absolutely love these treats. Don’t tell Randall and Gracie but they’ve got some in their stocking this year.

Emily, the young founder of the company is a true animal lover. She is studying to be a veterinary technician but also has a passion for feeding animals healthy, natural food.

What I love about them is that they are 85% meat and 15% vegetables. A great way to get vegies into Randall (ssshh, don’t tell him!) You can choose from chicken and broccoli, chicken and pumpkin, chicken and carrot or chicken and sweet potato. There are also no additives or preservatives (because the treats are dehydrated not cooked in the oven).

Dr Alex Hynes said that ‘her dog Yoshi goes crazy for them’ and I can imagine other dogs will too. Check out these fantastic treats at

2. Milestone Book for your dog: My Life as Your Dog

Remember the baby books you can get to record all the memories as your child gets older? Now you can also get one for your dog. How cool is this! There is plenty of room for notes, stories, photos and it is also filled with hints and tips. You also get to do a paw print too-read this review from Amazon:

“Great for keeping a record of your best friend, the good and bad bits as there’s always more than just photos you want remember. Nice quality too so should last longer than an average journal. Just been adding stuff over the weekend – the pawprint is a great idea – just do it outside and remember to wipe their paws after, I’ve got some mopping to do.”

The author, Belinda is a local dog trainer on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Check out her website

For those in the UK you can also buy this book on Amazon

3. Gourmet Dog Biscuits etc: The Gourmet Dog Barkery

Randall and Gracie were really lucky to be bought a big giant birthday cookie each for Gracie’s birthday in November. Randall can be a very fussy dog with food but he loved it which meant that Gracie wasn’t able to eat hers and then his!!

The treats are made from Australian quality natural products. They are organic and preservative free where possible.

Check out the Gourmet Dog Barkery. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Doggie Recipe ebook: Veggie Head Delicious Doggie Dishes

No Christmas present list for dogs would be complete without this book! Adele (AKA Veggie Head) is passionate about everyone eating more vegies including our dogs. The recipes are simple to make and the ingredients can be found easily at your local shop. Adele collaborated with a canine nutritionist and other experts to compile this book and there are over 80 pages of recipes and other information.

The food looks good enough for us to eat-and that’s exactly how it should be. Check out this great recipe book here:

5. Rosehip Vital Canine Powder

I am a big promoter of natural first, including with our furry friends and I’m a big lover of Rosehip Vital Canine.  It is great for dogs of all ages but perfect for older dogs. It’s a wonderful plant based powder for anti-inflammatory AND immune system support for treating inflammation, maintaining healthy joints, supplementing nutrition, coat quality and improving general health and wellbeing. It’s made from 100% pure and natural Rosehip fruit that undergoes patented manufacturing processes.

rose hip vital for dogs

You can buy Rose Hip Vital for your dog here.

6. Essential Oils (dōTERRA)

dōTERRA Essential oils support me and my whole family which obviously includes Randall and Gracie. My favourite essential oils for my two fur babies include Lavender Peace and Balance: A perfect combination to keep them calm and relaxed (especially during Queensland storm season!)

Balance essential oil

You can find out more about these beautiful essential oils here

7. Toys

One of my favourite toys for dogs is something that gives them mental stimulation, especially if they are going to be left alone for a period of time when you go out. The Kong is perfect for this as it can be filled with treats that will keep them occupied for hours.

kong dog toy

Check out the selection of Kongs and other dog toys here

I also love toys that you can play together with your dog. When Randall was younger he used to love tug of war and would never give in! You can have great fun playing with your dog using this toy. It’s high resistance making it perfect for stronger dogs and also has a squeaker inside for extra entertainment and stimulation

Dog toy

8. Bedding

How amazing is this bed or should I say pod?! I can imagine Randall hiding away from the world in this!

cat pod

You can purchase this bed from Jumbo Pets-they have a great range of Pet Accessories.

soft dog bed

On the other hand, this is much more Gracie’s style and can also be purchased from Jumbo Pets

So I hope that you liked Randall and Gracie’s top 8 suggestions and hints for your dogs for this Christmas. So many great ideas here to choose from. Wishing your fur friends a very Merry Christmas and lots of cuddles, treats and walks in 2017!

Christmas Jack Russell

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