40 things to do before I turn 40

At the start of October I entered my last year of being 30; how did that happen ?! Anyway, it got me thinking. I’m goal orientated and goal driven. I like to live life like this, within reason. You do need a balance. But goals keep me focused. I run because it makes me feel good and then I set myself an event to aim for. But also, sometimes life can pass us by and we find ourselves saying the same thing, similar to, ‘we should do X, or go to Y one day’. When is one day? One day never happens. So this year I’m going to try and do some of these things. They may not all happen. The running events might not all happen. My goal for 2015 was to run an ultra-marathon and I did that in January 2015 so the rest of the year I haven’t focused on anything else (plus I was thinking for months that we might be moving so it was hard to commit to events). So my running goals for 2016 might be ambitious. I might not get to travel overseas. I have two older dogs and I tend to take life a bit more as it comes nowadays. But rest assured, there will be lots of fun, lots of activity and a few challenges too. I look forward to reporting back in 2016 on how I went!


Listed in no particular order!

  1. Read a book/month

– Ironically one of the only things I miss about my corporate job is the time on the plane when I did nothing but read a book.

Note to self: Make time for this!


  1. Enter a stand up paddle board race

-There doesn’t seem to be many on the Sunshine Coast but I can travel! And I’d prefer river to ocean so there aren’t too many waves!


  1. Run a 50km trail ultra-marathon

– Needs to be not too hilly and not too hot. Ha ha, is that possible?!


  1. Run another (road) ultra-marathon (distance not decided yet)

– See number 3


  1. Run a 100km ultra-marathon

– See number 4


  1. Be successful with my Hay House book proposal

-Deadline for submission 02- December-2015. Winner announced 22-February-2016


  1. Paragliding lesson

-This has been on my list for years!


  1. Go overseas on holiday

-I was last overseas for a holiday in July 2012 on a cycling holiday in Vietnam. Looking for something not quite as strenuous this time!


  1. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary (overseas)

-See number 8


  1. Attend a circus school

– Ever since I first saw Cirque Du Soleil I’ve wanted to run off and join the circus. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that most of the crew were ex-Olympic athletes.  I would be petrified of the height of the trapeze etc but reckon it would be good fun!


  1. Enter a road bike race and be confident in my clip in pedals

-Will I ever crack this one?! Apparently it’s all in the twist but I’m STILL not confident in them. It’s been years!


  1. Volunteer with Randall and Gracie at a home/hospital

– I have wanted to do this for SO long. I looked into it years ago but there were so many hoops to jump with them. I had to get them assessed and tested and pay a bit of money for the privilege too so it’s never happened.


  1. Camp at Rainbow Beach

– One we’ve talked about for years, although now we have to watch out for sink holes too. Not the kind of adventure I want in my life


  1. Pomona King of the Mountain

– See http://kingofthemountain.com.au/

Will depend on my training schedule and other events also


  1. Walk up Mount Pomona, Tibrogargun, Ngungun, Beerburrum and any others I can think of in the area!

– I had no idea how steep these mountains are! I climbed Mount Pomona the other week. You are literally on your hands and knees rock climbing during certain points. And I hear some of the others are just as bad! A great all over body workout J


  1. Visit Bed and Broccoli again

– See http://www.bedandbroccoli.com.au/

Not been?  Why not! You’re missing out.


  1. Study Reiki

-I’ve had such a strong pull to do this over the last few months so watch this space


  1. Visit dentist

– Total dental-phobe here so if I find a good one, I might consider this J


  1. Watch the rugby 7s live

– Sydney 2016


  1. Visit Moreton/Stradbroke Island

-Whichever one is quieter and less touristy!


  1. Kite Surfing Lesson

– Another one that has been on the list for years. Worried I’m a bit ‘light’ for this but will try not to choose too windy a day!!


  1. Take a hula hoop class

– I won a hula hoop competition in Spain when I was a child so there could be hope!


  1. Release a recipe ebook

– Can’t wait to get a proper kitchen back to get working on this


  1. Self-publish a couple of books I have up my sleeve

– In talks with someone at the moment to help me with this. Watch this space for exciting plans.


  1. Take a pole dancing lesson

– I’m amazed at the strength these athletes have got and would like to see what it’s all about


  1. Own a race stand up paddle board (12 or 14ft-carbon)

– I love my board but it is really for surfing more than flat water paddling and I’m not much of a surfer. So I’m eyeing up a new board and it has to be carbon to be as light as possible for me to carry and get on and off the car


  1. Get an article published in Food Matters, Huffington Post and Mind-Body-Green

-Working on this!


  1. Go abseiling in the Glasshouse Mountains

-Another one that I wanted to do years ago


  1. Watch sunrise and sunset over the beach/water in one day

-Anyone know where this could be possible?!


  1. Collaborate with some well-known brands that I love and support

– Working on this too. Watch this spaceJ


  1. Go skinny dipping

-Well why not?


  1. Swim in a Queensland waterfall

-Which one to choose!


  1. Buy an African Djembe

– I used to go African Drumming when I lived in Western Australia. I miss it. Whatever mood I was in, it grounded me and cheered me up.

Note: Drum skin must be synthetic but I know a couple of people to contact in Melbourne or the Gold coast for this


  1. See my parents

My parents live in the UK and the last time I saw them was in 2012. I don’t know how this will happen but I hope I can make it happen somehow


  1. Take a stand up paddle board yoga class

– I’ve been watching these guys down the river on the weekends. I don’t know how they do it so I’d love to find out. Yoga doesn’t interest me, but this does!


  1. Get a speaking gig at a big wellness event

– Again, something I’m working on again!


  1. Dance naked in the rain

-Anyone see a naked and water theme going on here?! I live in Queensland now so am sure it will be possible. But perhaps not in public!!


  1. Perform one random act of kindness per month

Buy someone a coffee, lunch, parking ticket. Surprise a neighbour with a mystery present in their mailbox. Doesn’t have to be big, just do it!


  1. Fly my kite

– I have a kite that we tried to fly once, about 6 years ago. It was a disaster. We had the dogs with us, there was little wind and it was very humid. And all the time we lived in Perth which was SO windy, we never tried to fly it. So I want to take it out one day and just fly the kite and have fun!


  1. Find the best Indian Curry on the Sunshine Coast

– Ok, so this doesn’t need an excuse because I am slowly making my way through them. I think I’ve already found THE one, but there is no harm in keeping looking right? Then I might expand it to the rest of Australia. But a heads up, I really don’t think I’m going to find it in Western Australia. I tried for years. So I think I might have to rule that one out already.


Phew, looks like it’s going to be a busy year !!!!


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